User DB files not appearing correctly in Excel


When downloading User DB files its important to understand how the files are formatted and which programs can be used to open them. 

There are two sets of files generated each day.




1. User Sample Files
These files contain a random sample of 10,000 users. There are 2 versions of these files in different formats:

- Formatted for Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets or Tableau

- Formatted for Databases like MySQL/Redshift


2. All Users Files
These files contain all users who have been active in the last 365 days and are a lot larger. They are formatted for ingestion into a Database like MySQL or Redshift. 

They are not formatted for Excel and the columns can show up incorrectly when opened in Excel due to how commas are handled inside of the fields. 
For this reason we don't recommend using Excel to open the "All Users" files. 



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