Android Push Notifications - Configuring Server Key and Adding Firebase Configuration File


You need to complete the following steps to authorize Swrve to send push notifications to your Android Application. 

1. Add the Server Key to the Swrve Dashboard. 

You can find this key by clicking on the Settings icon in your Firebase Project
then clicking "Project Settings".
See Screenshot below:


Here you can manage the Server keys for Firebase Cloud Messaging.
If there is not one present create one. See screenshot below:


Copy and paste the key into the Integration Settings page in the Swrve Dashboard. See screenshot below:


2. Add the Firebase Configuration File to your Android Project:

Navigate to the "General" tab on the Project Settings page.
You should see a google-services.json link for your app at the bottom of the page. See screenshot below:


Click this link to download the file. 
Move your config file into the module (app-level) directory of your app. See screenshot below:


Swrve now has the required authorization to send push notifications to your app. 
For more detailed information please see the official Firebase docs here:

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